Professional Services
The long-term value of your property investment is our number one goal. We work with a team of professional contractors; repair or maintenance problems will be handled competently, and promptly, taking caring of your tenants needs. We can be reached by you, or your tenant, day or night (our phones do not shut off at 5, or on the weekends). Importantly, you (the property owner) will never be charged extra management fees for contracting labor, nor will any work be done on your property without your permission.

Fees: You will be charged the following:
-Placing a Tenant (includes marketing, showing, screening, and signing the lease).
-Lease Renewal
-Monthly Management Fee.
It is in our best interest to keep you (the owner), and the tenant satisfied. We do NOT charge unnecessary fees to do our job. You should not expect to have fees (other than the above) for the management of your property.
-All fees are negotiable.

Monthly Statements:
Monthly statements & year-end reports will assist you in determining short and long-term goals for your property. Our property reports, tenant reports, and account services are efficient and user friendly.

It is our goal to find and keep good tenants, avoiding turnover, and saving you money. We are committed to helping tenants find suitable housing within their own budget, and we make the application process smooth and easy. It is our job to thoroughly investigate potential tenants for your property. We will do criminal background and credit checks, including a complete investigation of employment and rental history. We are knowledgeable of Oregon landlord-tenant requirements and can appropriately fill rental properties. We will do our best in the screening process, and avoid future tenant problems.

We reach our customers through a wide variety of professional business, and social media. Our online flyers are published in Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Ebay Classifieds, Craigslist, and many more. Our first order of business is to get your home rented.